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If you wish to purchase a Domain Name with Webspace you can do so in the Hosting section.

You can use Domain Availability to check if your domain name is available with any extensions below.
You can also open your own Resellers Account for Common TLD's & ccTLD's.
If you need an extension not listed here we may still be able to get it for you. Use Support to request it.
For purchase of domain names use the lists below.
All prices are in New Zealand dollars.
Common TLD's & ccTLD's TLD's, ccTLD's & 3rdLD's New Zealand ccTLD's
These can be registered from
These can be registered from
Domain Name Order Page
These can be registered from
  .com $22.95  
  .net $22.95  
  .org $22.95  
  .info $26.95  
  .biz $26.95  
  .us $26.95  
  .name $26.95  
  .in $41.95  
  .co.in $22.95  
  .net.in $22.95  
  .org.in $22.95  
  .gen.in $22.95  
  .firm.in $22.95  
  .ind.in $22.95  
  .ws $49.95  
  .tv $109.95  
  .cn $109.95  
  .com.cn $109.95  
  .net.cn $109.95  
  .org.cn $109.95  
  .apcnz.com $9.95  
  .apcnz.ws $19.95  
  .money-earners.com $9.95  
  .apcnz.net $9.95  

  .co.nz $49.95  
  .net.nz $49.95  
  .org.nz $49.95  
  .gen.nz $49.95  
  .ac.nz $49.95  
  .geek.nz $49.95  
  .school.nz $49.95  
  .maori.nz $49.95  


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